PartyBoothNW started as an idea. How can I give a great photo booth experience at a reasonable price? What’s really important in a photo booth, anyway? Do Seattle and Portland need another photo booth company?

As luck would have it, I was asking myself these questions the night I went to a company holiday party with a friend in a big, fancy downtown hotel. There was a ‘photo booth’ there, which was really a photographer with lots of fancy lights and a backdrop that was way too big. The next day I asked her if the company had the photos yet – and they didn’t. A day turned into a week, which turned into a month, which turned into 3 months. Does it really need to take that long to get photos from a photo booth?

Yes, PartyBoothNW is a must.

First and foremost, we strive to give a great experience. Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, and lots of people carry cameras that cost more than their first car. A photo booth should be fun! Walk up, laugh, have a great photo, walk away with a smile. That’s our first priority at PartyBoothNW – make sure everyone has a great experience!

Next, how can I make sure the party host and guests get their photos fast? Even 2 days is too long to wait for photos, and 3 months is just rude. That’s why we at PartyBoothNW make every effort to help you get your photos as soon as possible!

Our third pillar is the one lots of people want to start with – the price. Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest, but we definitely strive to be a great value. While some photo booths in the area can run into the many thousands of dollars, our straight forward pricing is all inclusive. No nickels, no dimes, just a great photo booth for Seattle, Portland, and the entire Northwest.

We also want to be a great photo booth choice for lots of types events. Weddings? Corporate Parties? Store Openings? Red Carpet? Birthdays? Anniversaries? We’re there for all of them.

Ready to learn more? Contact PartyBoothNW for your photo booth today!